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Steps On How To Create A Good Website There are some common pitfalls that people tend to fall into during a web design. An excellent web builder knows that it is important to have a layout first and then the steps to be followed after that.

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When designing, how the work flows is a major determinant of how things are done. In following a number of the given guides, then it prompts the work done to be very easy. Write down all the ideas that you would want to implement as a first step. In many cases the designers develop the web without thinking much of its outcome and how it will affect the users.

The main use of a web is to solve a given problem, without a good design that understands that then it will be a huge fail. This requires a builder to have a clear layout of what the problem is and how the design will help in solving it. The first thing an agent should do once a client gives them a project to work on is developing a framework.

Here, the framework works as a lead to show how a certain project should navigate. This is where the sidebars and bottom bars lie as well as the navigation bars. With this you are able to see a picture of the website layout when it comes to the designing sections. The other step before you begin designing anything in the Photoshop, you will need a good grid to start with. This will help your website look appealing to the eye.

Getting To The Point – Websites

In the grid,that is where the different sections are structured. The grid helps in creating responsive templates and aids in knowing the specific screen size needed. This will enable you to be consistent in terms of the other designs.

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The different colors available and the typefaces should be explored through. Using one typeface is enough is a single website. There is an option of using more depending on the nature of the website. Also choose a font that will be easy to read for a long time. Choose a color theme that will be used in the background, and text as well. The toned down colors are best used for the general user interface.

Bold color can be used in other areas like in the social media pages. Partition the website. Each partition should be able to give a different story to the user. The highlights should show the user of what to expect. It is the designers’ duty to know how the users browse the internet. The steps taken to make that happen is the work of the designer and how efficient the process is.

Finally no matter how simple a project seems, you ought to challenge yourself. Be innovative enough and look out for things that will be best for the design.

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Simple Tips for Affordable Web Design

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If you wish your website become successful, attract more and more visitors and earn money, in this case, you need good web design. You must be sure that your web site is developing with success.

In this article we will open you eight rules of good web design:

1. Don’t use welcome pages

Welcome pages are pages that you often see when you are trying to enter a web site. They are usually bright and have a big picture and an invitation to go to the site looking like: “Welcome” or “Enter” on them. Never create such pages. In real Because they often bother visitors and so you can lose many potential clients. The users should find the content of your website from the first sight. Remember, welcome pages are never created in quality affordable web design.

2. Never use annoying ads

Most of the visitors don’t pay attention to such advertisements on web sites. It’s better to use interesting materials with some advertisement inside rather than irritating banners. As a result, people will click on the advert more frequently. Only in quality affordable web design advert don’t annoy and are successful simultaneously.

3. Navigation must be usable and understandable

You must create such navigation that everybody could without thinking to orient on your website. Avoid drop-down menus created on scripts or flash. If the people won’t immediately see, how to orient on the web site, they would leave. Remember, that an usable and convenient navigation is one of the first signs of good web design.

4. A person should always understand in what part of your website he is now

Firstly, the navigation should be seen from every page of the website. When the user clicks a few times on the web site, he must still understand in what part of the web site he is at a time and how he can go to another part he wants. This will make looking for info on the site easier and a good web design is always convenient for people.

5. Content must be easy to read

Separate your content into short paragraphs. If there is lots of content on the page, divide it into small blocks. Remember, good web design is always understandable for users.

6. Forget about sounds on your website

If the user is going to stay on your site to read some interesting material, don’t use sounds or music because it can annoy some users. If you, all the same, want to use audio effects, use them so that the users of your website had a possibility to control the volume or turn them off.

7. SEO optimization

One of the most important arguments for using web standards is that for SEO optimization of the site using of CSS and Java scripts according to web standards is very important. The correct layout allows searching engines to discover headings and keywords in the content easier.

8. Be sure that your website is made according to international web standards

While creating the site it’s better to pay attention that it should correspond to web standards and be correctly displayed in all main browsers. If the site looks good in Internet Explorer, but can’t be viewed or is displayed incorrectly in Firefox or Opera you can lose a lot of clients. Only professional affordable web design can make the site top quality, successful and useful for visitors.


Fortnite: Epic Games Wants To Involve Influencers In Buying

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Developer Epic Games allows “content creators” per time-limited event by micro-transactions in Fortnite to make money. Players will be able to choose an influencer with Fortnite content starting this week, who will be able to profit proportionately from the purchase of “V-Bucks”, the in-game currency of the Battle Royale title .

Developer wants to thank influencers for support

The “Support a creator” baptized program is to be started today according to Epic Games via an update and then continue until the end of this year. The event is available to players worldwide, with the exception of China, Iran and North Korea. As part of the anniversary of the game, Epic Games would like to thank influencers who have contributed to the success of the game with content on Twitch , YouTube, or otherwise. Even cosplayers, musicians or community builders should be able to benefit, but Epic Games itself should be the biggest winner.

According to Epic Games, to qualify as a qualified content creator, it is necessary to regularly publish relevant content in the last 30 days and to be able to prove that there are at least 1,000 followers or subscribers on a ” large social network “. In addition, it is a prerequisite to accept the publisher’s business partner agreement and to follow a code of conduct when registering. In this sense, Epic Games explicitly points out that influencers should remain authentic and refrain from clickbait advertising for the event.

Percent participation in sales of microtransactions

Players should be able to specify an influencer of their choice via a dedicated button during the event in the in-game shop. From now on, he will receive $ 5 for every 10,000 “V-Bucks” spent by supporting players. 10,000 V-Bucks cost around $ 100 when purchased, meaning that registered content creators receive approximately 5 percent of the microtransaction revenue. However, it should be noted that also bonus currency, which is incurred when buying certain packages, will be reimbursed. The Creator support lasts 14 days, then players can make the choice again.

Even in advance, the developer apologizes for any inconvenience caused by the event in the event of delays in processing or payment. Such an extensive program has sometimes not yet been organized, in case of too high a request Epic Games reserves the right to limit the number of participating influencers.

For Epic Games, the strategy is free advertising

The approach to making purchases through influencers is completely new, but not: It is common practice to remunerate marketing services through affiliate systems. In this case, for example, provision of a link generates a commission should a purchase be made via the forwarding. Epic Games also targets a minority target group and their intention to support their influencer idols. However, the proceeds from additional generated purchases can still go far beyond the bonuses paid to Content Creator.