Fortnite: Epic Games Wants To Involve Influencers In Buying

Developer Epic Games allows “content creators” per time-limited event by micro-transactions in Fortnite to make money. Players will be able to choose an influencer with Fortnite content starting this week, who will be able to profit proportionately from the purchase of “V-Bucks”, the in-game currency of the Battle Royale title .

Developer wants to thank influencers for support

The “Support a creator” baptized program is to be started today according to Epic Games via an update and then continue until the end of this year. The event is available to players worldwide, with the exception of China, Iran and North Korea. As part of the anniversary of the game, Epic Games would like to thank influencers who have contributed to the success of the game with content on Twitch , YouTube, or otherwise. Even cosplayers, musicians or community builders should be able to benefit, but Epic Games itself should be the biggest winner.

According to Epic Games, to qualify as a qualified content creator, it is necessary to regularly publish relevant content in the last 30 days and to be able to prove that there are at least 1,000 followers or subscribers on a ” large social network “. In addition, it is a prerequisite to accept the publisher’s business partner agreement and to follow a code of conduct when registering. In this sense, Epic Games explicitly points out that influencers should remain authentic and refrain from clickbait advertising for the event.

Percent participation in sales of microtransactions

Players should be able to specify an influencer of their choice via a dedicated button during the event in the in-game shop. From now on, he will receive $ 5 for every 10,000 “V-Bucks” spent by supporting players. 10,000 V-Bucks cost around $ 100 when purchased, meaning that registered content creators receive approximately 5 percent of the microtransaction revenue. However, it should be noted that also bonus currency, which is incurred when buying certain packages, will be reimbursed. The Creator support lasts 14 days, then players can make the choice again.

Even in advance, the developer apologizes for any inconvenience caused by the event in the event of delays in processing or payment. Such an extensive program has sometimes not yet been organized, in case of too high a request Epic Games reserves the right to limit the number of participating influencers.

For Epic Games, the strategy is free advertising

The approach to making purchases through influencers is completely new, but not: It is common practice to remunerate marketing services through affiliate systems. In this case, for example, provision of a link generates a commission should a purchase be made via the forwarding. Epic Games also targets a minority target group and their intention to support their influencer idols. However, the proceeds from additional generated purchases can still go far beyond the bonuses paid to Content Creator.

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